As dining habits continue to evolve, more and more Australians are expected to return to eating out at breakfast and brunch when the opportunity allows – especially in our urban centres.

Breakfast and brunch were trending strongly as growing day-parts for foodservice sales, and with the continued easing of restrictions, this is likely to be the case again. Many business meetings have already moved from lunch to brunch/breakfast, because it takes less time out of the business day, and is also usually a cheaper option for the participants because it usually doesn’t involve alcohol.

Those foodservice businesses reaping the benefits of these changing customer preferences are those cafes, takeaways, restaurants and even some restaurants who are differentiating their breakfast/brunch menu offerings by giving customers foods that they like to eat for breakfast but are too involved to prepare at home.

From attractively presented waffles with eye-catchingly colourful fruit, cream and ice cream, to juices and smoothies, customers are looking for a breakfast treat which is somewhat indulgent but still fits within the ‘better for you’ category.

And with many people pressed for time – especially those in the city centres where the breakfast market was booming pre-Covid – you also need to be able to offer ‘grab and go’ takeaway treats. These customers often don’t have the chance to eat breakfast at home and are looking to grab something they can hold and eat on the way to work.

For this group, the smart foodservice operators are taking well-known meals and giving them an upmarket twist: like replacing regular bacon and egg rolls with a gourmet breakfast burger served in a stylish brioche bun, complete with egg, bacon, tomato and a tasty chutney or relish. Or a stack of buttermilk pancakes topped with fruit and maple syrup and a light dusting of icing sugar.

In this respect, fruit is an ideal choice on the breakfast menu – from poached pears doused in brown sugar to peaches and plums with Bircher muesli, or fruit drizzled with honey or golden syrup atop a toasted crumpet, just to name a few popular choices. SPC has an extensive range of quality fruit products, from apricots, peaches and pears to pineapple and fruit salad, conveniently packaged for maximum unopened storage life.

Breakfast muffins, one of the mainstays of the morning café trade, are a quick and cost-effective addition to the menu and taste fabulous with the addition of apple, mixed berry, mango, banana, strawberry, blueberry or peach.

You can also easily prepare and serve breakfast pizza or pide (Turkish style pizza bread) using SPC tomatoes to enhance your sauce, then add other popular choices like garlic, cheese, onion, pulled meat or even plant-based protein.

The key is to ensure that your meals tick all the boxes for presentation, flavour and serving size, while also fulfilling customer expectations in terms of what constitutes a breakfast style meal – even when it’s a fresh spin on an old favourite!